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Minimising Disputes

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Minimising Disputes


Prepare properly:
  • documents
  • specification


Select a trouble free contractor
check track record and references
avoid personalities you don't like or who are intimidating or rude


Do not assume that problems will occur
Do not assume that a mistake or defect is intentional
Do not let a 'mole-hill' problem affect morale on the whole project
Avoid anger and personal remarks
Use an intermediary if you cannot communicate with the other party
Identify and accept your own errors quickly because you will eventually pay dearly for stubbornly 'sticking to your guns' if you are wrong.


Check quality of any work prior to payment


If a dispute is likely, check your rights with your local Department of Fair Trading. Most residential work is protected legislation or insurance.
If the Department cannot assist, consider informal mediation with a mutually agreed person.
If still unresolved, arrange formal mediation.
If mediation is unsuccessful, consider legal action.

WARNING : The cost, delay and stress of legal action can be much greater than anticipated.

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