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Dilapidation Report


What is a Dilapidation Report?

Dilapidation Reports are carried out to record the condition of a property located adjacent to proposed building or infrastructure works. The report is comprised of observations, photographs, and sometimes diagrams all of which create a snapshot of the condition of buildings and/or infrastructure at a point in time.

Who does it?

Senior Building Consultants are normally engaged to conduct Dilapidation Reports. A Building Consultants experience and extensive knowledge of construction types enable them to pinpoint the parts of buildings most vulnerable to likely movement or other damage.

When should a Dilapidation Report prepared?

Dilapidation inspections are usually conducted immediately prior to the commencement of proposed building work and always before major excavation or construction work involving heavy machinery. Many Authorities require Dilapidation Reports to be carried out on properties adjoining, near, over or under proposed building or infrastructure works, or as part of the DA conditions of approval.


The purpose of Dilapidation Reports is to avoid costly litigation at the completion of building works by establishing a record of the condition of a buildings and/or infrastructure prior to constructions.

Why should I have a Dilapidation Report prepared?

Dilapidation Reports provide an accurate record of the condition of the building prior to any construction work taking place. Parties, with an interest in the condition of a particular property at the end of a building project, sign the Report with a view to it being a safeguard should a dispute arise over alleged damage caused during the works.
Tyrrells has carried out thousands of Dilapidation Reports for homeowners, government and businesses.

What is recorded?

Generally all accessible areas interior, exterior and roof exterior areas are viewed and photographed from ground level or balconies.

Which types of properties are inspected?

Mainly domestic dwellings and sometimes commercial buildings, municipal infrastructure and landscaped areas. The extent of the dilapidation largely depends on the size of the project. Large infrastructure projects, like main roads, tunnels and pipelines sometimes mean that Dilapidation Reports are carried out on thousands of properties.

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