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What is PlanCheck?

Identification of mistakes, omissions and problems on the drawings or in the schedule of finishes before any work commences. This can save money, time and the nightmare of a dispute between you and the designer or builder, who will be reliant on the documents you give them.

Who does it?

A trained designer or architect with extensive knowledge of problem areas in the building process.


Consumers and builders often assume that their drawings and specification are complete and accurate. This may not be the case, even when dealing with architects and experienced designers.

For example:
  • Is the entry hall width adequate?
  • Does the head height above the stairs to the basement or attic work?
  • Has basement waterproofing been included?
  • Is an exhaust fan shown for an internal bathroom.
  • Is the right paint specified?
  • Have you unnecessarily increased the risk of a future termite infestation?
  • How much is the builder entitled to charge for unexpected problems, such as rock excavation?

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