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Progress Report


What is a Progress Report?

Tyrrells checks the quality of the work at various stages and can authorise progress claims. Tyrrells can help troubleshoot unexpected issues and give you tips on how to handle difficult or temperamental builders and tradesmen.

Who does it?

A specially trained Building Consultant.

How long does it take to prepare?

Written Reports are available within 72 hours of inspection.


Once the documents are right, you need to know that the builder or tradesman is complying with all the regulations and that the quality of the work is acceptable.

Even the best builders make mistakes. Their subcontractors may take short cuts. Supervision may be minimal and the contractor rarely looks in all the hard to get places, such as roof interior, subfloor and those flashings behind the chimney.

Councils and private certifiers do not always take responsibility for quality building work. Sometimes the builder does not even notify them to inspect the work.

Which types of properties are inspected?

New building work, including renovations and alterations.

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