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Strata Building and Maintenance Advice


Strata Building and Maintenance Advice

Owners and managers of Strata properties need advice before and after they buy to make sure they get what they are paying for and do the works necessary to keep their building safe, compliant and well maintained.

Understanding what advice your strata scheme needs doesn’t need to be confusing. You can get help whatever the age or problem the building faces.

Strata Building and Maintenance Advice Timeline

What Tyrrells Do
Pre-purchase Report Advice about the condition of what you are buying
Off the Plan Report Advice about the design and inclusions in a yet to built apartment you want to buy.
Building & Maintenance
0 - 3
Defect Report To detect and consolidate major issues the builder should be asked to fix up
0 - 6
Expert Report To provide evidence to NCAT or the Courts if the builder does not fix or complete his work properly
5 - 6
End of Warranty Report To identify any unexpected issues that the builder should fix before his statutory warranty period expires
7+ (and every 5 yers)
Maintenance Report To identify what maintenance and repairs are required to reduce future unnecessary costs
Technical Report Advice on a troublesome problem no one else has diagnosed or fixed
Fire Safety Report Advice on minimum compliance or how to address an Order from your Council or upgrade an older Scheme
WHS (Safety) Report Advice about major risk or non compliance with the Work, Health and Safety Act 2011.
5+ Sinking Fund Assessment The funds the Scheme will need to budget for most major maintenance and capital replacement


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