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Technical Report


What is a Technical Report?

This is an assessment of a specific problem in your property. We examine any building or timber pest issue carefully, review any relevant documents and then prepare a clear Technical Report setting out the issues and what you need to do. We may recommend an appropriate contractor, provide tactical advice about who to engage to help resolve the problem or warn you about commencing an unnecessary and expensive dispute.

Who does it?

A specially trained, experienced building consultant.

How long does it take?

A written report is available within 5 to 8 working days of inspection and an urgent 48-hour service can be arranged on request.


You often need advice on a specific building problem, such as the seriousness of rising damp, what to do about termite damage to garden sleepers or how to fix a chronic roof leak. Or you may want overall advice on what renovations or alterations to make and how to stage them to limit mistakes.

We provide this advice to hundreds of clients every year. Often a Technical Report is the first step in Defect Claim or Expert Report. Sometimes we may advise further investigations.

Which types of properties are inspected?

All properties.

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