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Asbestos Testing & Identification Reports


What is an Asbestos Identification Report?

Asbestos Identification Inspections are used to determine the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACMs). The inspector may take samples, for analysis, of products likely to contain asbestos, or the presence of asbestos may be 'presumed'. Once the samples have been tested an Asbestos Register is then compiled about the analyzed and 'presumed' ACMs. This must be clearly displayed on the property to provide clear warning to occupants, visitors and tradesmen where asbestos is located.

Who does it?

The inspection can be conducted by an accredited Building Consultant and materials analysis is carried out in NATA accredited laboratories.

How long does it take to prepare?

A written Report is made available within 10 working days because of the time required to test samples.

When should an Asbestos Identification Report be prepared?

Many ACMs are bonded or encapsulated and are not hazardous in this state. The problems occur when ACMs are demolished, drilled, cut, moved and the like. Accordingly, it is common for building approval authorities to ask for Asbestos Identification as part of the DA approvals process. Workplace safety legislation also obliges building owners to ensure safety and in some instances this will include identifying and dealing with ACMs.

Why should I have an Asbestos Identification Report prepared?

Asbestos fibres are hazardous to humans and animals. Many building products produced up to 1985 are ACMs with common examples being wall cladding (fibro), roof sheeting (super 6), gutters and downpipes, fencing, ceiling tiles, lino floor tiles, insulation, some concrete slabs, some adhesives and bakelite.

What types of properties are inspected?

All buildings constructed prior to 1985 may contain asbestos.

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