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LeaseCheck Report


What is a LeaseCheck Report?

LeaseCheck Reports identify broken, damaged or non complying parts of a property immediately prior to the commencement of a lease. A LeaseCheck Report includes a photographic record to minimise the risk of disputes about the condition of the inspected property's and the contents of the Report.

Who does it?

Building Consultants are commonly engaged to review relative clauses in lease documents and prepare LeaseCheck Reports.

When should I have a LeaseCheck Report prepared?

LeaseCheck Reports must be undertaken prior to taking possession of the property.

How long does it take to prepare?

A written Report is available within 72 hours of inspection and an urgent 24-hour service is available.

Why should I have a LeaseCheck Report prepared?

When you lease property you take on strict responsibilities to maintain the area you lease and contribute to any shared repair costs of certain amenities and external maintenance.

Before signing the lease, it is important to know the condition of everything you are leasing or you may end up paying to have something that is broken or damaged fixed at the end of the lease. For example, cracked basins, damaged doors, defective hardware or water damaged cabinets can be costly to fix. A LeaseCheck Report highlighting what should be excluded may you save many thousands of dollars in rectification costs. In some cases, we will advise that you ask the Landlord to replace or install damaged or missing items, such as fire safety measures, so the defects or damage don't become sore points over the duration of the lease.

Which types of properties are inspected?

All non-residential properties and high quality residential property with complex or premium finishes and fit out should be carefully assessed.

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