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Pre Purchase New Building Report


What is a Pre Purchase New Building Report?

A Pre Purchase New Building Report details:
  • the main issues which you will need to get the developer to fix up
  • the certificates we recommend you ask for to verify the quality of the building work
  • the little irritating things you need to be told about such as badly scratched glass, cracked tiles, sloppy workmanship.
Armed with the information contained in the Report you can choose to:
  • live with the problems
  • ask the developer to get his contractor to fix or complete the work
  • walk away from any really poorly built building.

Who does it?

Building Consultants are normally engaged to conduct New Building Reports.

How long does it take to prepare?

Written Reports are available within 72 hours of inspection.


Many buyers think they don’t need to check the quality of new or recently completed or renovated properties. This is certainly not our experience. If you don't identify the problems prior to purchase, you can face unnecessary difficulty and cost coercing the contractor to fix them even if they have mandatory home warranty insurance.


To make sure you are getting the quality you are paying for. Every year hundreds of thousands of buildings are constructed or renovated without any professional quality assurance. This means you take a risk that the new building you are buying is defective or incomplete.

Which types of properties are inspected?

Every type of new property requires thorough inspection including:
  • units
  • company title properties
  • common title
  • commercial strata properties
  • investments.

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