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Property Termite & Pest Inspection Report


What is a Property and Timber Pest Report?

A combined Property and Timber Pest Report merge two reports that, together, provide the information a purchaser needs to know about a property they're about to purchase. At Tyrrells we refer to this type of report as a Comprehensive Condition Report.

Who does it?

Property and Timber Pest inspections are conducted by Building Consultants who have undertaken training and have extensive knowledge on Termites, Wood Boring Insects, Fungal Decay and some other pest issues and have Timber Pest qualifications.

When should a Property and Timber Pest Report be prepared?

Tyrrells recommend that a Property and Timber Pest Report should be conducted prior to purchasing a property.

How long does it take to prepare?

Written Reports are available by close of the next business day after the inspection is carried out. For an additional charge an urgent same-day service can be arranged on request.

Why should I have a Property and Timber Pest Report prepared?

Most purchasers like to know exactly what they are buying, especially whether the property they are considering does not have major building problems or serious timber pest damage. A combined Property and Timber Pest Report draws the attention purchaser to the serious issues.

Which types of properties are inspected?

A Property and Timber Pest Report are can be prepared for properties that contain termite susceptible structural timber components or finishes. The Timber Pest part of the Report need not be ordered where the building does not contain pest susceptible materials. Buildings without termite susceptible components are quite rare in domestic construction but some apartment buildings constructed mainly of concrete and brick fall into this category.

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