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Maintenance Report


What is a Maintenance Report?

If your building is less than 2 years old (for non-structural defects) or 6 years old (for structural defects), we can inspect it and provide you with a consolidated list of all the defects and incomplete work that contractors often leave you to live with. We will examine the existing condition of the building, and carefully and clearly report the main issues for you and estimate the likely repair and replacement costs. This estimate is based upon the remaining life of all key materials and allows you to more accurately plan for future expenditure without the bad news of unexpected special levies.

If the building is less than 7 years old, we can inspect it and provide you with a consolidated list of all the defects and incomplete work that contractors so often leave you to live with. You can use this list to get the contractor to rectify and complete any defects.

If the builder doesn't cooperate, we can help you lodge a complaint or insurance claim against the contractor.

When building work is necessary, we can also help you find the right contractor and plan the sequence of work to minimise inconvenience to occupants. We prepare a scope of works including any troublesome details, analyse quotes, carry out progress inspections and authorise payment when each stage is complete.

Once the extent of work is known and completed, you can obtain a more accurate Sinking Fund Assessment.

Who does it?

At Tyrrells we have a team of specialist consultants, who all have building and timber pest qualifications and extensive experience with maintenance problems, to assist you with understanding:
  • The condition of all major materials and components
  • Basic fire safety problems
  • Maintenance issues you need to investigate further.

How long does it take to prepare?

A written Report is available within 7 to 10 working days of inspection.


The neglect of property maintenance costs Australians hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Owners are ignorant of the actual condition of the building and have often tolerated ineffective, band-aid building work.

Building managers and owners have a duty to keep their buildings safe and in a reasonable condition. They are often unaware of the actual condition of their building - see the Maintenance flowchart. Recent legal cases mean they can now be sued if the property is unsafe or neglected. Timely maintenance can be a fraction of the cost of major repairs or replacement.

You can save money by arranging a MaintenancePlus Inspection. This means combining a Maintenance Inspection with a number of other inspections, such as a Timber Pest Inspection, Asbestos Inspection, Fire Safety Inspection, Due Diligence Report and OHS/Safety Inspection.

Which types of properties are inspected?

All properties, but mostly units and commercial properties.

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