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Why You Need a Property Inspection

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Why You Need a Property Inspection

A thorough pre-purchase inspection report by Tyrrells will find out if that dream home is really a dream home or a repair-riddled nightmare.

A property inspection gives the buyer written proof of a property's condition to compliment proof of legal title. Everyone agrees that purchasers have a right to know what they are buying.

With a Tyrrells inspection, buyers find out before it's too late, before they're hit with expensive repair bills. A Tyrrells property inspection is only a tiny percentage of the purchase price... excellent "insurance" value by any standard.

Without it, there's a very real risk of buying a property with severe defects such as settlement, rising damp, structural faults and sagging roofs, illegal drainage and construction, or ruinous timber pest damage.

Most properties inspected, even new ones, have serious unexpected issues or matters needing further investigation. Fewer than 5% of properties seen by Tyrrells are free of any major faults.

An inspection of new properties will help identify all the defective and incomplete work contractors leave you to live with. Flats and strata properties need careful inspection too.

What's included in a property inspection

After a detailed on-site inspection, Tyrrells provide a comprehensive and clearly-written report which summarises the major problems.

Written reports are available within 72 hours of inspection and an urgent 24 hour service can be arranged on request.

Why use Tyrrells for your inspections

Tyrrells are much more than a team of first-rate architects, building and pest consultants. They combine impressive technical qualifications with practical experience, professionalism and vision.

Tyrrells have the knowledge that comes from inspecting more than seven billion dollars worth of real estate in Australia. That's the experience that every property buyer needs.

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