Stephen Ransley

Stephen Ransley has over 15 years experience in sales, project management and general management in the telecommunications, real estate, building consulting, architectural and timber pest industry. He has directed, project managed, presented and liaised on over 2000 engagements with key stakeholders to deliver commercially viable outcomes. He is an advisor to the media on property, … Continued


10 Tips for Dealing with Termites

A recent survey indicates that 1 in 3 houses in Australia are dealing with subterranean termite infestation which can cause major structural damage to building timbers. The severe termite damage to the Australian buildings has been caused by several factors: • Historic use of softwood and untreated timber for the structure and non-structural areas of … Continued


Off the Plan Purchase

Buying Off the Plan A popular way to buy a new unit, townhouse or strata commercial property is to purchase it before building work is even started. This is called buying ”off the plan” and means you have to: make a judgement on the location of the unit and it’s parking within the complex read … Continued


Top 10 Tips When Buying Pre-purchase Reports

Thursday, May 26, 2016 – updated  19 March 2020 This is the transcript of a recent interview between Stephen Ransley, General Manager of Tyrrells Property Inspections, and Lisa Tremolada from Maddisons Real Estate. For more details about our Pre-purchase services please click here. Lisa: Today our industry expert is Stephen Ransley, and Stephen is the general … Continued


Hot property: Building in bushfire areas

Building in Bushfire Areas Are you considering developing your land or buying a property close to bushland, open fields or even wet lands? If so, do you know what level of bushfire protection your development will need so it will comply with Council and Rural Fire Service (RFS) requirements? Councils and the Rural Fire Service … Continued


The Truth About Termites

Termites are a concern in the Australian building industry, but separating popular beliefs from hard facts can sometimes be diffi cult. Jerry Tyrrell offers his thoughts on the best ways to reduce risk. Some fears help us avoid injury or death. For instance, we know to take cover in lightning storms. We shouldn’t touch spiders … Continued


Top 10 mistakes when renovating or building

Mistakes to avoid when building/renovating Australians are trading their homes less often. Times are tough and the market will not pay for any mistakes you make with renovations or additions. Or worse, buyers will reject your property completely. If you have just moved in, or when you do buy your next home, try to make … Continued


A Chimney Piece

During a Pre-Purchase Inspection it is not practical to test how well a chimney “draws” the smoke from the fireplace but some rules of thumb include:   smoke staining around the fireplace is not a good sign downdraft winds may affect chimneys with tops terminated close to or below adjacent roof levels overly high chimneys … Continued