Tryrrells Experts when buying or building
Tryrrells Experts when buying or building

Tyrrells Property Inspections has conducted more than 100,000 inspections in NSW and is an ISO9001:2015 Certified firm. Take advantage of our experience.

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Why do you need a Building Inspection Report?
We provide a reliable source of experienced and well-qualified building consultants for accurate advice.
Buying or selling
  • Identify major problems that could put off future buyers
  • Analysis of minor issues at the property that aren’t as noticeable
  • Prioritised, summarised and relevant advice
Defect Inspections
  • Identify defective or incomplete work
  • Careful assessment of items affecting the quality and durability of the construction
  • Independent expert advice
In a dispute?
  • Expert assessment of the areas of concern
  • Independent opinion of defective or incomplete work
  • Provide perspective to the relevant items
Why choose Tyrrells?

Tyrrells have a quality management system that conforms to the requirements of the Australian and International Standard AS/ANZ ISO 9001 2015.


Tyrrells Property Inspections was established in 1983 by architect and builder Jerry Tyrrell, and builder Peter Ellis. Over 105,000 inspections have been completed. We are the most experienced and reputable building consultancy.


Tyrrells offers a wide range of services that will give you peace of mind for every step of the property buying and building process. We have specially tailored reports and inspections for your property’s individual characteristics.

Why choose Tryrrells?
What our clients say about us

After over 100,000 inspections you would think that someone would have something nice to say about us…

Tyrrells has implemented a quality management system which conforms to the requirements of both the Australian and International Standard AS/ANZ ISO 9001:2015.

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