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What is involved in obtaining a Pre-Purchase Report?

Our consultants generally spend 1.5 to 3 hours inspecting properties for our Pre Purchase inspections. This does depend upon the size, complexity & and subsequent problems we may encounter.

They then spend up to several hours preparing the written Report and other documents required for our inspection.

Our office will ask you for the Drainage Diagram (legal requirement & within the contract of sale) & the Survey Plan (may not be available). This is so our consultants can advise you of service mains in your back yard, identifiable encroachments & easements of which you may not be aware of.

Our aim is not only to make you aware of immediate problems but items that if left untreated will lead to increased costs to rectify in the future such as timber frame windows & decks.

We inspect every accessible area including:

interior: using a moisture meter where necessary in wet areas, exterior windows & where there are signs of mould, moisture or water ingress

exterior: includes fences, strucutres & trees within 30 metres for evidence of termites

roof exterior: where traficable we’ll get on there. We are limited by Work, Health & Safety and can only use ladders that are up to 3.6mtrs long

roof interior: includes a full crawl to all accessible areas to see as much timber as possible, tapping with a probe to check for termites.

sub-floor: another full crawl in the accessible sub-floor to see as much timber as possible, tapping with a probe to check for termites.

If there is no sub-floor, the Consultant checks to see if the slab edge is exposed as termites can travel up the slab edge and into cavities without detection.

Once the Report is read, you can ring the Consultant with any questions, his name & number will be on the front page.

You can also meet us on site at the end of the inspection if you wish & our office will ask you for any particular areas of concern so we advise you as best possible.

We guarantee the Report will be emailed to you within 24 hours of us carrying out the inspection (pending payment).