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When are Progress Inspections carried out?

It is important you understand that ‘incomplete work’ is not considered a defect. Therefore to get the most from our advice, it is crucial to inspect at appropriate times.

This doesn’t mean you cannot get advice during the building process, please read below regarding how we can best assist you.

We recommend our Progress Inspections for detached residential (free standing homes) are completed prior to plasterboard sheeting & when:

brickwork is finished, clean & scaffold has been removed

exterior windows, doors & roof surface are installed

the frame has been completed with all service rough-ins (plumbing, electrical cabling & air condition duct work)

For Highrise clients, we recommend multiple inspections througouht the build including prior to sheeting, preparation of wet areas and waterproofing to balconies & wet areas.

Final inspections are designed to focus on defective work therefore, it is best that the builder has not only reached Practical Completion but that the final clean has been completed.

This will ensure we are able to check all surfaces for scratches & blemishes that may otherise not be picked up if we complete the inspection before cleaning.