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Why Tyrrells?

Tyrrells has carried out almost 90,000 inspections over the last 30 years and is used by hundreds of Government, legal and other large organisations.
We are fully insured.
We are a Quality Assured ISO 9001: 2008 accredited company.
You can meet us on site at the end of the inspection if you wish.
Our consultants are available on their mobile phones to clarify any questions or doubts.
We take a drainage diagram, if provided, to check the location of the plumbing and a survey to check to see if there are any encroachments onto the boundaries.
We like to do a full crawl in the sub-floor and roof interior to see as much timber as possible. We also use a probe to tap the timbers to see if there are termites.
We do random tests with a moisture meter on walls adjacent the bathroom and other areas of likely damp.
We have a very quick Report turn around time.