Plans and Approvals

Good plans are your roadmap to a successful project!

Tyrrells Plans & Approvals provide high quality & buildable Architectural design services. We provide makeover, alterations and additions, and new construction designs and advise on residential, commercial, retail and special use properties.

We prepare the concept designs, drawings for Council Approval, and then coordinate consultants for other required documentation.

Tyrrells also provide construction detailing and contract administration during construction. Our building consultants can troubleshoot any problems and inspect the property at key stages of completion.

Our experienced team will explain our services & meet you on site to discuss your brief. We can carry out a site measure and prepare measured drawings.
If there is an existing building, the designer will prepare CAD plans of the building and integrate the surveyor’s contour plan into the drawing.
We can prepare a concept drawing (sketch plan) for your review and feedback, & then include your feedback in the preparation of final design drawings.
When you have signed off on the design, we prepare the drawings to DA (Development Application) standard with supporting documentation.

Tyrrells can help you take the project through all stages of approval including obtaining the Construction Certificate. As well, we can assist during construction with contract administration and defect reporting at critical stages of completion.

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Who does it?

Tyrrells’ building designers & architects are trained in a carefully developed discipline to ensure quality work. We have also developed a manual of best practice details to give to your builder to reduce the chances of something going wrong.

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