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Mediating any problem with some relatively inexpensive independent initial advice and some communication with the other parties is a good place to start.

Mediation can be an inexpensive first step to resolve or importantly, minimise any differences between each party. It is a low cost alternative to the Court process.

It is important to remember mediation includes all actions you take to resolve any problem, prior to turning to court. Our initial advice may assist.

Many problems can occur when you are building or renovating. Some can be sorted out face to face, but others can escalate to a complaint or dispute. That’s when you need professional help.

Mediation is not a compromise. The idea with Mediation is to jointly examine issues which really matter and reach an agreement you can live with after listening to the issues.

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Who does it?

A specially trained building consultant with expertise in Tribunal, Mediation, Arbitration, Reference or Court procedures.

The consultants within our team who are assigned to Expert Reports have decades of construction experience in addition to years of experience as Building Consultants.

Tyrrells is well regarded in legal circles as a high quality provider & we pride ourselves on our track record for delivering positive results for our clients.

What is the aim of Mediation?

To solve the problem without excessive cost, delay or stress. Essentially everything in a mediation is meant to be off the record. It’s designed to get parties to speak openly.

This means you can admit a mistake without anyone being able to use it against you later. Similarly, a contractor can’t use any concession offered by the owner at the Mediation unless a resolution is reached.

If the Mediation is successful, the Mediator will prepare an agreement which both parties will sign.

Why is Mediation a good option?

Mediation has the following advantages:

It can be arranged between the parties without having to wait for available Judges and Court timetables.

2. Cheap
The cost of the Mediator is shared and the Mediation is usually much quicker (less than a day) and you will not have additional costs such as lawyer’s, barrister’s or expert’s time.

3. Successful
We usually find at least 80% of disputes can be resolved by mediation if both parties are realistic and co-operative.

4. Open
It provides an excellent forum for each party to have their say – to explain why they’re unhappy or why something went wrong.

5. Flexible
With our experienced Mediators, you will be surprised at the flexibility and range of remedies on which you can reach an agreement.

And if no resolution is achieved, all your other rights are preserved – so you can still go to the Tribunal or Court.

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