Pre-Purchase Strata Report (Residential Unit)

A Pre Purchase Strata Report is a detailed Report on the condition of a residential unit you are planning to purchase.

Our Report will tell you about:

  1. serious unexpected problems which might be difficult or expensive to fix or may not be accepted by future buyers
  2. problems that previous owners might have lived with but which do not really affect the use or value of the property and,
  3. issues that you need to investigate further.

Where possible, we will also look and make a general comment regarding common areas especially basement parking and the front entry to the unit.

Our Building Consultants undertake ongoing training and have extensive knowledge in all aspects of Building, Damp, Termites, Wood Boring Insects & Fungal Decay. All our consultants have recognised Building & Timber Pest qualifications.

Our Pre Purchase Strata Report is not to be confused with a Strata Title Records Inspection or Strata Inspection Report which focuses on the entire complex. Please note, Tyrrells do not prepare these types of Report but can refer you to a reputable provider where requested.

We highly recommend purchasers secure a copy of the Strata Title records inspection Report to make themselves aware of key details such as the:

  1. Sinking Fund balance,
  2. Special Levies,
  3. insured value of the building,
  4. previously completed Reports by Engineers or Building Consultants &,
  5. quotes & invoices from planned or completed major repair work.
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How long does it take to prepare?

Written Reports are available by close of the next business day after the inspection is carried out.
For an additional charge, an urgent same-day service can be arranged on request.

Off the Plan Purchase

If you are purchasing ‘off the plan’, please see our New Building Reports page.

There are subtle differences which our New Building Report specifically addresses.

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