Home Owner Warranty Report

If you are an Owner Builder, you will need this Report if you wish to get Home Owner’s Warranty insurance for your building work.

Usually a building contractor takes out Home Owners’ Warranty insurance which typically covers you and future owners for serious defects in major building work if the contractor dies, disappears or becomes insolvent.

Our Home Owners Warranty Report will advise on the:

  1. quality of the work completed by an owner-builder or where a builder has no home building insurance
  2. work the builder needs to complete or rectify
  3. what certificates you should get from the various consultants and contractors.

We will not tell you about minor problems which are not claimable because this can make you worry about issues of little importance.

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Who does it?

All our Building Consultants:
are fully trained and experienced building professionals
are qualified to identify building defects
can provide ongoing advice for any future troublesome problems
are fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

How long does it take?

A written Report can typically be finalised within 48 hours of the inspection.

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