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Asset Management And Maintenance Report

The neglect of property maintenance costs Australians hundreds of millions of dollars every year.

Building managers, Organisations & Body Corporates have a duty to keep their buildings safe and in a reasonable condition. Often, they are not aware of the actual condition of the building and have tolerated ineffective band-aid building work.

Recent legal cases mean these entities can now be sued if the property is unsafe or neglected, and timely maintenance can often be a fraction of the cost of major repairs or replacement.

Our experts allow us to combine additional advice in the same visit such as a Timber Pests, Asbestos Identification, Fire Safety & OHS/Safety Inspection & with the engagement of specialists, services such as electrical, mechanical & plumbing.

Tyrrells have prepared hundreds of assessments on complex & heritage listed assets to a range of government, not for profit & private entities such as:

  1. Aboriginal Hostel Limited Project – National Asset Management programme, 55x Class 3 & 5 sites (Commonwealth Government organisation)
  2. Presbyterian Church – 10 year Maintenance programme to 14x Aged Care & Independent Living Villages including engineering services assessment (Mechanical, Fire, Electrical & Hydraulic)
  3. Sydney Grammar School – 10 year Maintenance programme to 4x campuses, rowing club & sporting facilities including detailed roof audits & assessment with a drone
  4. National Parks & Wildlife – 10 year Maintenance programme to many cottages including trade services assessment (electrical & plumbing)
  5. Waratah Private Hospital – 10 year Maintenance programme + Asbestos/Lead Paint Identification & Management plan (James Laws House)
  6. Disability Trust – 10 year Maintenance programme to numerous residential detached properties across NSW
  7. Aurecon – Long Term Cyclical Maintenance programme (+100 year, repair or replace assessment) to multiple Defence force sites (Richmond, Williamstown, Holsworthy, Randwick, Moorebank, Garden Island & Parramatta)
  8. Salvation Army – 10 Year Maintenance programme to East Coast Australia sites (Short & Long term accomodation, retail & commercial office) incorporating Fire Safety, BCA Compliance review & Scope Of Work
  9. Norah Head Lighthouse Heritage Trust – 10 Year Maintenance Programme & Heritage Impact Statement

Our Asset Management & Maintenance Reports typically:

  1. provide prioritised maintenance, repair &/or replacement advice
  2. highlight items and issues requiring urgent attention &,
  3. provide cost estimates for all items if required.
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