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Maintenance Report – Strata

Owners and managers of Strata properties need advice on how to keep their buildings safe, compliant, and well maintained.

Understanding what advice your strata scheme needs doesn’t need to be confusing. You can get help, whatever the age or problem the building faces.

A Tyrrells Maintenance Report will examine the existing condition of the building, and carefully and clearly prioritise the main issues.

Where instructed, we can provide high-level, or detailed, remedial work costs. This estimate is based upon the remaining life of all key materials and allows you to more accurately plan for future expenditures without the need for unexpected special levies.

Tyrrells also regularly combine the following services & inspections with our maintenance advice:

  1. Capital Works Fund Assessments
  2. Timber Pests
  3. Asbestos &,
  4. Fire Safety, BCA Compliance, and Risk Assessments (WHS/Safety).

Building managers and owners have a duty to keep their buildings safe and fit for purpose and can be unaware of the actual condition of their building. Timely maintenance enhances resale value and the satisfaction of all building users.

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