Strata Defect Report

We encourage all Owners to engage us to obtain a building inspection by a professional prior to end of the statutory warranties as defined in The Home Building Act 1989.

When instructed by the Strata Plan, we will provide you with a consolidated list of all applicable defective and incomplete work that the Builder is required to rectify.

If your building is less than 2 years old, we can assist you by identifying & reporting Major & Non Major defects, OR

If your building is between 2 & 6 years old, we can assist you by identifying & reporting Major defects

We prefer to assist the Strata Plan to negotiate with the builder/developer for the rectification of the defects & avoid costly & stressful litigation.

If a suitable resolution cannot be found, warrant insurance or litigation are available to the parties invovled.

Where necessary, we can upgrade our Defect Report into an Expert Report (additional fees apply), which are suitable for use in court.

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Who does it?

All our Building Consultants:
are fully trained and experienced building professionals
are qualified to identify & cost building defects
can provide ongoing advice for any future troublesome problems
are fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

How long does it take to prepare?

A written Report is typically available within 5-10 working days of inspection.

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