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OHS/Safety Report



What is an OHS/Safety Report?

A Safety Report is also called an OHS Report or Occupational Health and Safety Report. The Report should tell you about anything unsafe or potentially hazardous. All the information is published in an easily understood Report setting out the issue, level of risk and what you need to do.

The more complex the building, the more information you will need. Fire safety requirements mean some buildings need occupant warning systems, fire rated entry doors and proper signage and lighting to exits out of the building. Larger buildings need hose reels, hydrants and extinguishers and even sprinklers systems.

Tyrrells believes every building needs safety devices to make maintenance safe. These include fall arrest anchors in roofs and walls where contractors can connect ladders, safety lines or harnesses. If you want to periodically check the main safety issues in your property why not refer to our Safety Check.

Who does it?

A specially trained building consultant using a system developed by Tyrrells to identify most major hazards in buildings such as non-safety glass, unsafe balustrades and handrails, presence of asbestos products and even the likelihood of toxic chemicals in the soils under your home.

How long does it take?

Written reports are available within 5 to 8 working days of inspection and an urgent 48-hour service can be arranged on request.


Any occupants, workers or visitors to your building should be safe.

For instance:
  • Do you have thermostatic mixing valve which limits the hot water temperature to prevent scalds?
  • Are there any uneven areas of concrete or paving which someone could trip on?
  • Are there other unacceptable trip or slip hazards such as half steps or slippery tiles?
  • Are smoke detectors installed?

We will alert you to fall risk from areas without balustrades/railings and also tell you people can hit their head on anything under 2m from ground level.


In the mid 1980s Jerry Tyrrell decided the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Pre-purchase Inspections or Council Inspections did not adequately warn people of the parts of their building which were unsafe. As the laws changed, most buildings including your home are now considered "a place of work" because you may have people helping you maintain or renovate your home or even have people working in a home office.

Which types of properties are inspected?

All properties, particularly non residential properties and any residential investment property.

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