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Property damage

Property damage (or, in the United Kingdom, criminal damage) is damage to or the destruction of public or private property, caused either by a person who is not its owner or by natural phenomena. Property damage caused by persons is generally categorized by its cause: neglect (including oversight and human error), and intentional damage. Intentional property damage is often, but not always, malicious.

Reasons for using one of NSW’s only ISO accredited Building Consultancy

Comparison of Property and Timber Pest Inspections

Comparison of Property and Timber Pest Inspections Others
Full crawl of roof interior and subfloor* Yes Sometimes
Expert, trained building consultants (not part-time builders) Yes Sometimes
Professional Indemnity Insurance Yes Sometimes
Full inspection of safely accessible roof exterior* Yes Sometimes
Time spent on site 1.5 – 4 hrs 0.4 – 2 hrs
Serious defects reported Yes Sometimes
Verbal or fax summary provided same day of inspection Yes Sometimes
Documents assessed if available
Drainage diagram Yes No
Yes No
Strata plan
Yes No
Strata records report
Yes No
Building consultants have timber pest qualifications
Yes Sometimes
Conclusion provided Yes Sometimes
Moisture meter as standard equipment Yes Sometimes
Consultants undertake continuous education program Yes Sometimes
Bookings 24 hours 7 days Yes Sometimes
Emergency Hotline Yes No
Urgent service Yes Sometimes
Advisors to Governments, Councils and Statutory bodies Yes No
Members of the Institute of Building Consultants Yes No
Help with future plans, approvals, renovations QA and troubleshooting Yes No

* Access constraints apply.

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