Private Final Report

A Final Report is an inexpensive way of ensuring new building work is up to scratch, once the building contractor claims the work is practically complete.

Our Report will identify:

  1. items which are unfinished (incomplete work), which often includes numerous minor issue
  2. problems which need fixing (defective work) &,
  3. certification that we recommend you ask the building contractor to give you.

This Certification is proof that major parts of the work have been properly inspected by people qualified to do so – for instance termite protection, waterproofing, lift or air-conditioning systems.

Most building contracts include a period of time for an Inspection to be conducted and a Final Report prepared. After which the contract usually allows for a period where the building contractor repairs and completes what is required.

If you are concerned with making final payment, our Report will assist you in determining the severity of any issues or provide you with peace of mind.

Before deciding not to pay a contractor, seek legal advice to avoid being in breach of contract.

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Who does it?

All our Building Consultants:
are fully trained and experienced building professionals
are qualified to identify building defects
can provide ongoing advice for any future troublesome problems
are fully insured for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

How long does it take?

Typically 2-3 working days following the inspection

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