Building and Pest Inspection & Report

Tyrrells recommends conducting Building and pest inspection Report (also known as Timber pest report) before purchasing a property.

Our report is designed to provide prioritised, clear advice that can be used to evaluate the condition of the property and also as a guide for future maintenance priorities.

Most purchasers like to know precisely what they are buying, especially whether the property they are considering has any major building problems or severe timber pest damage.
A combined Building and Pest Inspection draws the purchasers’ attention to the severe issues & provides the information they need to know about the condition of a property they’re considering for purchase.

Our Building and Pest Inspectors undertake ongoing training and have extensive knowledge in all aspects of Building, Damp, Termites, Wood Boring Insects, & Fungal Decay. Our consultants have recognised Building & Timber Pest qualifications.

Tyrrells can offer pest inspections in Sydney where & as required.

Domestic buildings without sensitive termite components are rare but some apartment buildings constructed mainly of concrete and brick fall into this category. If you have paid for a Building & Pest Report and there are no susceptible termite components, we will happily refund or discount our services to the Building only price.

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How long does it take to prepare?

Written Reports are available by close of business the day after the inspection is carried out.
For an additional charge, an urgent same-day service can be arranged on request.

What Is a Pest Report

Pest inspections are meant to provide advice that can be used to evaluate the condition of a property and to offer building owners guidance for future maintenance priorities. These reports are conducted by licensed individuals who are able to determine construction damage or potential damage from insects, bugs, termites or dry rot conditions.

Are building and pest inspections necessary?

If you plan to purchase a property in auction, you need to get the building and pest inspection done because Tyrrells building inspectors are going to tell you everything that is wrong, so you can make a proper buying decision.

What do building and pest inspectors look for?

Our building consultants primarily inspect for and report on: any termite activity and termite damage, the extent of termite damage, the risks for termite infestation to occur or re-occur (e.g. dampness, poor ventilation, concealed floor slab edges); Building and pest inspectors also offer advice on the adequacy of termite management at the time of inspection or the measures you need to take to reduce termite pest risk.

Who pays for the pest inspection?

If you are the seller, normally, you should pay for the termite inspection cost and termite treatment.

Does termite infestation affect the value of the home?

The existence of termites in your home may reduce its value by approximately 20% but if you treat your home at the first sign of a termite infestation you will be able to maintain the value of your property in the long term.

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