Strata Technical Report

This type of Report is an assessment of a specific problem in your property & often these are chronic issues that have never been properly diagnosed.

Tyrrells are regularly engaged by Owners to assess damp or mould, water penetration, building facade cracking or movement and roof or subfloor condition.

Our report will locate and describe the condition and accurately assess any problem, with practical recommendations to resolve the issue.

After a Technical Report has been completed, you may also need a :

  1. Scope of Works Report: a detailed Report to assist you in securing quotes from relevant contractors
  2. Tender Selection Process: The owners outsource to Tyrrells to arrange site inspections & quotes from 2-4 suitably qualified & reputable contractors. We analyse these & provide further insight & guidance in selecting the most appropriate contractor
  3. Quality Assurance Program: Tyrrells perform staged inspections to assist with payment claims, quality control & a defect inspection upon completion to give you insight. We also act as your technical advisors so if there is a variation claim for further work, we assess it independently to ensure it is warranted, costed fairly & was not included in the original scope.
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More about Commercial Property / Due Diligence Report
How long does it take?

A written report is generally available within 5 – 10 working days of inspection.

Who complete the inspections & Reports?

Tyrrells team of is comprised of skilled & experienced Building Consultants, Structural Engineers & Architects.

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