Time period for home warranty claims reduced

Recent amendments to the Home Building Act 1989 have implications for home owners, builders, developers and owners corporations. Home Owner Warranty Reports The reforms apply to all residential building work covered by home warranty insurance (but not to claims or legal proceedings that are already in the pipeline or finalised). The amendments reduce the period … Continued


Tyrrells on compulsory vendor reports

An Interview by Maddisons Real Estate General Manager of Tyrrells Property Inspections, Stephen Ransley, was recently interviewed by Maddisons Real Estate in relation to proposed legislation which will require vendors to provide property reports with a contracted sale.


A Chimney Piece

During a Pre-Purchase Inspection it is not practical to test how well a chimney “draws” the smoke from the fireplace but some rules of thumb include:   smoke staining around the fireplace is not a good sign downdraft winds may affect chimneys with tops terminated close to or below adjacent roof levels overly high chimneys … Continued