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As easy as ABC?
May 1, 2013

Every year thousands of home owners take on the task of renovating their homes. Sometimes they do it as owner-builders/home renovators and sometimes they engage a licensed builder. If you decide to go the home renovator route, before you start you need to have a firm grip on the basics of building. You also need understand the responsibilities of all the different trades and professions you will come across during the build project.

In his diagram the ’ABC of Building: How it happens’, Jerry Tyrrell shows you the process of building. If you take his advice and follow the diagram carefully, building/renovating can be as easy as ABC.

If you do get into problems, remember Tyrrells are there to help you out. A Tyrrells building consultant can advise on Progress and Final Inspections and how to resolve disputes should something like this happen during the project. Please give us a call on 1800 431 597.

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