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The Pest Pack By Jerry Tyrrell
April 7, 2023

Since the ’50s we’ve been brainwashed about termites and other serious pests of timber in our buildings. If we find termites, we assume the building’s going to fall down. And worse, we spend thousands of dollars “nuking” the place with toxic chemicals.

The Pest Pack saves owners the cost of annual pest inspections and can save thousands of dollars on unnecessary chemical treatment or repairs caused by undetected pest damage.

It tells us how to recognise the different types of pests, how to find them and, more importantly, how to prevent infestations in the first place. And, if we do find pests, the step-by-step remedies are easy to follow.

When a pest control company is needed, you’ll know what to tell them and what to expect from them without being misled.

No matter what type of property you have or where it is The Pest Pack is good news for owners and the environment.

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