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Top 10 mistakes when renovating or building
March 26, 2012

Mistakes to avoid when building/renovating

Australians are trading their homes less often. Times are tough and the market will not pay for any mistakes you make with renovations or additions. Or worse, buyers will reject your property completely.

If you have just moved in, or when you do buy your next home, try to make decisions that make sense – and dollars too. Jerry Tyrrell sets out the top 10 mistakes he and his 18 colleagues are commonly seeing.

1. Rushing with changes as soon as you move in.

2. Failing to master plan – even broadly. Street presence first, front door entry/lighting/weather protection second, connection between inside and outdoor spaces third.

3. Overcapitalising on properties without view, location or price advantages – silly spend on items,such as replacing a 7-year-old kitchen when handle and tap upgrade will save you $35,000.

4. Failing to use the free, easy to enhance spaces, such as attic voids or basements which can be easily excavated.

5. Not using LED lamps for EVERY replacement globe/light.

6. Adding space the market will not pay for, eg 5th bedroom, 2nd ensuite.

7. Worrying excessively about termites or asbestos in fibro you will never remove.

8. Not removing hazards, such as plate glass in older doors, replacing battery smoke detectors, fitting handrails to stairs and edges where people can fall, trimming dead tree limbs etc.

9. Not getting colour advice and not integrating good external lighting prior repaint.

10. Planting large trees close to your building or paving.

Not only will you make more money if you avoid mistakes, you will have a safer, better looking and more functional home.

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