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Why you need a Tyrrells pre-purchase inspection
July 11, 2016

After quite a lot of searching you and your partner have found a house to buy. It looks pretty sound and is around the right price. Your Uncle George who’s a builder, has offered to have a look at the house for you to check that it’s structurally sound. The question then arises – Do you take up Uncle George’s offer or do you get a professional pre-purchase inspection from Tyrrells?

Uncle George will no doubt walk through the house, look at the subfloor, maybe even climb into the roof space. He might identify some problems and chat to you about how to fix them, but it is unlikely he will give you a written report of any defects he finds. He may not notice the termites!

Tyrrells’ consultants have impressive technical qualifications. They also have the practical experience from inspecting thousands of houses.

Without help from Tyrrells, you run the risk of purchasing a house that can have a severe defect, such as rising damp, structural faults, ruinous pest damage or illegal drainage.

A few years ago, one of Tyrrells’ clients was proposing to buy what appeared to be a beautiful renovated terrace in Sydney’s west. All was going well with the inspection until the Tyrrells’ building consultant routinely tried the taps in the new ensuite shower recess. Nothing happened – no water came out of the taps. Further investigation uncovered that the taps were purely cosmetic and were not connected to any water source; nor was there any plumbing for wastewater from the shower recess!

Can you be confident that Uncle George would have found this severe plumbing problem?

Within 72 hours of a detailed onsite pre-purchase inspection, Tyrrells will provide you with a comprehensive written report which starts by giving you a summary of significant issues, i.e. the overall structural stability of the dwelling and any main problems are with the property, particularly whether you should expect any ongoing expensive maintenance issues.

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