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The Property Maintenance Handbook By Tony Ransley and Jerry Tyrrell
April 7, 2023

Owners and managers of buildings often face the daunting task of fixing up decades of neglect and mismanagement. Excuses, apologies, complaints, serious unexpected defects and loss of value are sure signs that someone has got the maintenance message wrong. You can prevent or reduce the significance of such problems occurring with carefully planned and executed maintenance.

Maintenance is really quite easy once you know how to apply the main principles. The Property Maintenance Handbook de-mystifies this complex field and provides easy-to-follow advice on how to optimise the operation of a building while minimising running costs.

We need guidance about building maintenance and we get in The Property Maintenance Handbook. The Australian Institute of Construction has checked the technical content for us and we are recommending this publication to our members.” Graham K Randell, Executive Director, Home Unit Owners Assoc. of NSW.

The Property Maintenance Handbook is a practical, easy to read manual which I recommend to all those property managers who care enough about their profession to improve their level of skill and knowledge and who aspire to deliver the very best advice to clients.” Stephen Francis, President, Real Estate Institute of NSW.

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