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Building Properly is Simpler Than We Thought
December 5, 2019

I realised this year that everything we need to know to build properly is even simpler than what I’ve been saying.

All the Australian Building Codes Board, who administers the NCC, needs to do is deliver easy to find code compliance and promote industry best practice. They will do this when they:

1. Publish one Volume where all the muddled duplicated stuff is said once, simply
2. Show us how everything fits together
3. Work with Standards Australia to limit confusion when we need to get more detail for more complex work.

I have prepared an overview diagram to help everyone understand how all the main issues work together. This is the first version and I need to get your help to evolve it. It is all based on risk and how the NCC aims to prevent most problems by providing us clear advice on code compliance/best practice.

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