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How to Deal with Termites – Step by Step

When you live in Australia, termites are a fact of life. However, there are only three species which do real damage to timbers in your home and in all cases, the damage will only occur if you neglect basic maintenance or do not carry out regular timber pest inspections.

Undetected termite activity is scary and you will immediately think your home has been badly eaten. This is incorrect. If promptly detected termites rarely cause major damage.


The key to solving termite entry is a quick response from reliable people. Step 1 is finding out why they have entered your building. This is usually caused by bad housekeeping. For instance, storing firewood against a wall of your house or letting garden soil rise above the internal floor level.

What to do – STEP-BY-STEP

Identify species Species may be one of the hundreds of termites which DO NOT cause destructive damage to the building timbers Your pest consultant will advise species and risk to your property
Identify cause Call a timber pest consultant or licensed pest control company Tyrrells have a list of experienced contractors.
Carry out further investigations Drill and check large trees and stumps, obtain access into voids under floors, remove linings if required This tells you everything you need to know about the extent of damage* and risk of further damage.
Plan control Commence the baiting program. Your pest consultant will aggregate the termites in one place and then kill them with IGRs (insect growth regulators). We usually recommend baiting and control over time.
Remove the cause of the problem Lower soil, relocate firewood, fix the leak, improve drainage, remove stair timbers in contact with the ground You and your gardener can usually do most of the work. If you find active termites you MUST immediately stop and call your pest consultant.
Monitor Reinspect every 3 months until you are sure activity has ceased. Then every year or as recommended. Review the Pest Pack because you may be able to do these periodic inspections yourself.
Getting help Read

  • The Pest Pack
  • Keeping Pests out of Buildings
  • Timber Pest Check

* Tyrrells can carry out an Extent of Damage Assessment of your property.


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